FileMaker Solution

FileMaker platform can manage various data and share them within the organization.
Various promiscuous tasks, which are accumulation of information about suppliers or clients, orders and payments information managements, and visualization of operation process and progress, can drastically dissolve.
It will contributes to your companies' work efficiencies and process improvements.

BPO Solution

Our strength is to offer the construction of a contact sensor which is originally organized with our IT technology and a high quality operation skill. We will provide you services you wish for; telephone appointments, inside sales, customer support, and so on.

iRCA Cloud

iRCA Cloud is a cloud server which is specialized in FileMaker. It combines a physical server's high quality process ability/a stable performance, and virtuality server's easiness. Moreover, it contains not only FileMaker, but also various options of services, so that it can fulfill what you want to realize.

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