What we do for accomplishing SDGs

Supportas + SDGs

Realizing a society which leaves no one behind.

  1. Put an end to poverty
  2. Protect the earth
  3. People all over the world can acquire the peace and happiness
SDGs 17の目標アイコンの画像

What is SDGs?
It is defined as "the development that fulfills the desire of the future generation, while satisfying the desire of the current generation."
It was proposed because the sustainability of the earth which is a base of the economic society is endangered by the human activities which suddenly activated after the Industrial Revolution.


What Supportas working on, and what we are going to work on in future, in order to achieve SDGs.

[SDGsアイコン] 5.ジェンダー平等を実現しよう

We achieve gender equality,
and we empower all women and girls.

What we are working on

  • Childcare leave
  • Equalization of the ratio of men and women employees Now:50%
  • Maternity leave
  • Sick/Injured child care leave
  • Part-time employment
  • Pregnant women commuting relaxation measures

What we are going to work on in future

  • Increase the ratio of female managers
  • Fix the system for coping harassments in the workplace
  • Ensure the position after returning back from child care leave
  • Acquisition of Kurumin mark (The mark which proves that the company is cooperative for child care)
  • Improve the understanding for LGBTQ
[SDGsアイコン] 7.エネルギーをみんなに そしてクリーンに

We make it possible for all human beings to utilize reliable and sustainable modern energy at low cost.

What we are working on

  • Recommend No necktie, No jacket, and wear T-shirt.
  • Select biomass power generation
  • Shift to LED light bulb
  • Produce Cloud server

What we are going to work on in future

  • Installation of solar panels
  • Power saving
[SDGsアイコン] 8.働きがいも 経済成長も

We promote the sustainable economic growth that nobody left behind, the complete and productive employment, and Decent work for all people

What we are working on

  • Temporary part-time work
  • Telecommute (Only for ITS)
  • Staggering working hours
  • Monthly average of overtime hours 13 hours
  • The rate of paid leave
  • Care leave
  • Anniversary leave
  • Annual holidays 125 days
  • Offering the training according to career paths

What we are going to work on in future

  • Clarify the salary, bonus, and the raise in a salary
  • Promote the achievement of overseas human resources
  • Flex-time
[SDGsアイコン] 9.産業と技術革新の基盤をつくろう

We build resilient infrastructure, and promote the sustainable industry that anyone can participate in. Moreover, we promote innovation.

What we are working on

  • Offer the business system to clients
  • Offer Cloud service
[SDGsアイコン] 10.人や国の不平等をなくそう

Decrease the inequality between countries or domestically.

What we are working on

  • Equal employment opportunities
  • Recruit Silver human resources

What we are going to work on in future

  • Choose fair-trade products
[SDGsアイコン] 15.陸の豊かさも守ろう

We protect and recover the ecosystem of the land, while promoting the sustainable use, and manage the sustainable forest. Moreover, we prevent desertification and land deterioration. Also, we stop the loss of biological diversity.

What we are working on

  • Promote paperless with digitalization
  • Dissolving process for recycling

What we are going to work on in future

  • Afforestation activities


Supportas will support other groups for the aim that cannot be solved only by us.

The Japan Committee for UNICEF

The organization which is entrusted with by the United Nations general meeting in order to promote the protection of the right of the child. It expands an opportunity to draw the sufficiency of the basic needs for children and their potentiality.

Medicins Sans Frontieres(MSF)

International, Independent, neutral, and dispassionate group operated in private which works on medical care and humanitarian aid with no-profit. The purpose of the group is to meet high emergency medical needs.

Japanese Red Cross Society

The organization which is intended "to save the person who is in pain regardless of enemies and allies, and have respect for all peoples' lives." It relieves wars or disasters victims, and performs medical care, health preservations, and social works.

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